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GhostFest Expo Guest and Speakers
Guest George NoorY - Coast to COast AM Radio Host George NoorY - Coast to COast AM Radio Host
A nationally syndicated show that changed late night radio forever, Coast to Coast AM has been the home for all topics of high strangeness over the last two decades. Founded originally hosted by broadcasting legend, Art Bell, the show was passed to George Noory in 2003. Mr. Noory has since made Coast to Coast AM a must-hear within paranormal community. Mr. Noory's paranormal roots run deep: As a teenager, he joined NICAP, the UFO organization that was a precursor to today's MUFON and as a young radio reporter interviewed fellow Expo speaker, Stanton Friedman.
:: Read more about George Noory
Speaker Stanton Friedman - Ufo and Roswell Expert Stanton Friedman - Ufo and Roswell Expert
Often referred to as a father of modern ufology, the ghost hosts of GhostFest Expo 4 are please to present speaker Stanton Friedman. Since the late 1960s, Mr. Friedman has been adding to the debate of alien visitation, technology and government interaction. Nuclear Physicist-Lecturer Stanton T. Friedman received his BSc. and MSc. Degrees in physics from the University of Chicago in 1955 and 1956. He was employed for 14 years as a nuclear physicist by such companies as GE, GM, Westinghouse, TRW Systems, Aerojet General Nucleonics, and McDonnell Douglas.
:: All about Stanton Friedman
SpeakeR Todd Bates - EVP Specialist Todd Bates - EVP Specialist
For Todd Bates, collecting Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) is a life calling. After years of personally investigating its mysteries while studying under a pioneering figure within the field, Sarah Estep, he took his passion to the internet. Now in its 8th year, HauntedVoices.com has quickly become the most successful Electronic Voice Phenomenon-based website on the internet dedicated to research and education. Mr. Bates will be offering Expo attendees an extensive audio/visual presentation on the capturing, reviewing and classification of this fascinating evidence.
:: Get to know Todd Bates
SpeakeR Philip Morris - The Bigfoot Mystery Philip Morris - The Bigfoot Mystery
Shot in northern California's Bluff Creek National Park, the infamous October, 1967, Patterson-Gimlin film has long been considered by proponents as a cornerstone in Bigfoot evidence. In 2002, costume maker, Philip Morris, emerged publicly to claim he created and sold the film team a gorilla suit that eventually found its way into the film, making the event a complete hoax. At the Expo, Mr. Morris will discuss his interaction with the film team and the events leading to capturing one of the most controversial sequences in cryptozoological history.
:: Read more about Philip Morris and his TV show feature
Speaker Dennis Kaufman - The Zodiac Killer Mystery Dennis Kaufman - The Zodiac Killer Mystery
Self-coining the name "Zodiac" in a series of taunting letters sent to the local San Francisco Bay, California, area press, this serial killer made their deadly mark in the late 1960s. To this day, Zodiac's identity remains a mystery and the murders unresolved unless you listen to the plea of Dennis Kaufman. Convinced his stepfather, Jack, was the killer, he wants to make you a believer, too. Mr. Kaufman will appear at GhostFest Expo 4 and present his case. Does he have the key to revealing one of the most infamous killers of the 20th century?
:: Dig deeper into the Zodiac Killer mystery
Speaker Erika Frost - Queen Mary Hauntings and Your Intuition Erika Frost - ParAnormal States: Ghosts Coast to Coast & Reaching Your Greatest Intuitive Potential
Join intuitive paranormal investigator and RMS Queen Mary icon, Erika Frost, as she presents her experiences investigating national paranormal host spot across the countey with Paranormal States: Ghosts Coast to Coast. Ms. Frost will also present a second Expo seminar focusing on the ability everyone has reaching their greatest intuitive potential. Learn techniques and exercises that will add an extra dimension to your paranormal investigating or every day life experience.
:: Read more about Ms. Frost and how intuition plays a major role in her life
Speaker Patrick Wheelock - Ghost Hunting Equipment: Knowing What Those Readings Really Mean; Interviewing Witnesses & Victims: Making Heads or Tails of Claims Patrick Wheelock - Ghost Hunting Equipment: Knowing What Those Readings Really Mean; Interviewing Witnesses & Victims: Making Heads or Tails of Claims
Join your Expo Ghost Host, Patrick Wheelock, as he offers his popular discussion of the proper use of scientific equipment during paranormal investigating and how many popular TV shows get it wrong. Presented in a second seminar is recommended protocol for inverviewing witnesses and victims of possible paranormal activity with the goal to best extract the facts of a potential case.
:: Reach into the scientific mind of Mr. Wheelock
Speaker Brian Patton - Psychic Baiting: Be a Master! Brian Patton - Psychic Baiting: Be a Master!
Certainly to be one of the more entertaining seminars of the Expo, join Brian Patton, the Brian half of The Pat and Brian Show on KBIM Paranormal Talk Radio, as he digs deep into the shenanigans side of psychics, mentalists and spiritualists. Understand the techniques and gimmicks in common use by less than psychic psychics who provide you with "readings" then mystically empty your wallet and run. Brian will also demonstrate cold readings, impressing you with his own faux psychic ability. Acting as a nineth or tenth-rate Houdini, Brian makes exposing phony spiritualists a hobby.
:: Brian's bio info is here, but you psychics already knew that
Speaker Bill Murphy - Investigator / Researcher Bill Murphy - Investigator / Researcher
GhostFest Expo 4 is excited to welcome back Bill Murphy for another chapter in the fascination discussion of experimental electronics developed for ITC research. Mr. Murphy's research has led him to document paranormal events for nearly 20 years. His projects and appearances have been broadcasted on many major networks and Mr. Murphy is curently a featured cast member on the new SyFy series Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files which has generated strong ratings since it's debut. Mr. Murphy will discuss past significant cases as well his experiences on the new hit show.
:: Get to know Bill Murphy
Speaker The San Diego Ghost Hunters - The Infamous San Diego Whaley House The San Diego Ghost Hunters - The Infamous San Diego Whaley House
The San Diego Ghost Hunters has been unlocking the spirits of history for over 35 years. For the last six, the infamous San Diego Whaley House Museum has been a major investigation focus and mid fall of 2008, the team was asked to host public paranormal investigation tours. sdGH will present the house's history and mysteries, plus a selection of evidence. Managing museum docent, Victor Santana, will also be on hand along with past Whaley tour guests who will share their spooky experiences.
:: Read more about San Diego's premier investigation team
Speaker Marybeth Murphy - Everything Angels Speaker Marybeth Murphy - Everything Angels
Presenting Energy to Angels: Understanding the Connection, Angelic Communicator and Coach, Marybeth Murphy, will instruct on the realms of spiritual vibration, from simple energy to the high vibrations of Guardian Angels and the Archangels. Marybeth will outline the four simple steps to talk with the Angels and reveal how miracles and Divine assistance can be an everyday happening.
:: Reach a higher realm and read more
Speaker Nicole Strickland - Investigating the Queen Mary Nicole Strickland - Investigating The Queen Mary
Investigator, researcher and author, Nicole Strickland, has had an innate passion for the paranormal field since childhood and considers the field a life calling. Ms. Strickland approaches it with a strong mixture of respect, professionalism and dedication. After spending countless hours on the RMS Queen Mary, the ship is her favorite place to investigate. As Ms. Strickland's debut speaking engagement, she will share with Expo audience members investigation experiences and paranormal evidence she captured on board the Queen along with evidence gained by colleagues.
:: Read more about Ms. Strickland

  Please note all events and guest speakers are subject to change without prior notification.

GhostFest Expo 4 Guests and Speakers
GhostFest Expo 4
Guests and Speakers

'Coast to Coast AM' radio
talk show host, George Noory,
a father of modern ufology,
Roswell expert and researcher,
Stanton Friedman, and EVP specialist, Todd Bates, are just
the start of what will be an
impressive roster of top
paranormal and alternative community personalities to
present and educate.

The excitement has just begun.
Check back for regular updates.

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